4th FIDE World Cup in Composing 2015 – Fairies

4th FIDE World Cup in Composing 2015 – Fairies

FIDE-logoThe preliminary results in section G-Fairies
of the 4th FIDE World Cup in Composing for 2015!

I’m very happy to show the results, G-Fairies (PDF, 155KB) by Tadashi Wakashima, available among the others on the bottom of the 4th FIDE World Cup in Composing 2015 page of wfcc.ch website. Thanks a lot to the director of this competition, Aleksey Oganesjan, and to all judges! My sincere congratulations to the winners!

About my own problem: Starting the 14th Japanese Sake Tourney in August, 2014, I was exploring Back-To-Back condition being sure that there’re lots of possibility in it. Many of JF’s readers know that now I’ve came to combination of BTB with neutral pieces, but my problem for the 4th FIDE World Cup was composed in the autumn, 2014, and my intention that time was a strategic HS# problem  showing as much as possible different BTB effects. You’re very welcome to comment! – Julia.

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Kjell Widlert
Kjell Widlert
April 1, 2015 23:11

Re Julia’s 2. Pr (you asked for it…):
I love the way the wB/bRL pair first move one step as a pair, in order to prepare for a double-check from wN+wB, and then the bRL moves again on the same line – after the wB has been prevented from following along for another pair move!
A good extra feature is the fact that the W1 move uses another BTB pair.

April 2, 2015 06:04

Congrats Julia on yet another prize !

shankar ram
shankar ram
April 4, 2015 10:12

Congratulations, Julia!
Can’t imagine how you manage to compose prize winning problems with your busy, busy schedule.. 🙂

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