End of JF-2013-II

End of JF-2013-II


01-September, 2013
The End of Informal Tourney JF-2013-II & the beginning of JF-2013-III

Dear Friends,  yesterday was the last day of the informal tourney Julia’sFairies-2013-II !

I will inform you later about the list of problems participating in this tourney (some improved problems, PG-problems will be excluded). The number of problems is around 50 (from No.311 till No.365).

THANKS A LOT to all participants and active commentators!

GRATITUDE to our judge, DIYAN KOSTADINOV, for taking this big work! I’d like to mention, that Diyan runs also two thematic tourneys himself now, Zabunov-85MT 2013 and The 4th Bulgarian Wine Tourney 2013(PDF), and regular informal tourneys on the website KoBulChess, so taking one more judging is really impressive! Diyan, we’ll be patient and can wait for the Award as long as needed! Have a pleasant judging!

And now all of you are very welcome to participate in Julia’sFairies-2013-III: from 01-September-2013 till 31-December-2013.
Welcome to our judge of autumn-winter period – ERIC HUBER!

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