Fairy Eater Chess – a fairy chess variant by Vadrya Pokshtya

Fairy Eater Chess – a fairy chess variant by Vadrya Pokshtya

My name is Sergey Kulelyaev (my pen name Vadrya Pokshtya). I am chess variants inventor and chess composer. Not so long ago, I managed to implement one of my most successful variants of fairy chess in terms of tactics, strategy and game dynamics – Fairy Eater Chess.

With a gratitude to P. A. Stonemann for a help with publishing my chess variants at Game Courier.

Vadrya Pokshtya (Sergey Kulelyaev)

The battlefield is an odd 9×9 board, on which two opposing sides have gathered, consisting of both classic fairy chess pieces and two new ones to reveal the strongest.

The original names of the pieces create the appropriate atmosphere of the game and immerse us in the world of dark fantasy, giving the necessary flavor to everything that happens on the board. It would seem that with such a crowded initial arrangement, the gameplay is impossible, but in reality it turns out the opposite: the pieces begin to behave super-aggressively, quickly devouring each other in these conditions of a confined space. The game is replete with mind-blowing combinations and incredible possibilities, which distinguishes it from all other variants of fairy chess.

Let’s take for example the following position from a practical game, which shows the amazing world of Fairy Eater Chess in the best possible way.

White to move and mate in one.

Nightrider’s non-obvious rebound from square d3 to h1 decides the outcome of the battle in favor of White. Black cannot close with the Shield on e7 from the Ghost (Skull) on d1, since the Nightrider on h1 does not allow to do it. Also note that Black’s Sorcerer cannot retreat to e9 because this square is under attack by the white Nightrider on a1.

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P. A. Stonemann, CSS Dixieland
March 12, 2022 21:48

Thanks for the compliment, Mister Pokshtya. It has been my pleasure to publish Your interesting Chess varieties in the Game Courier section of Chess Variants, available for any players who wish to play them, but more pleasure to see that You have now published Your work in the Web service of Lady Julia Vysotska. 
Julia’s Fairies is by far THE BEST place that exists in Internet on the subject of Fairy Chess Problems. Please, Mister Pokshtya, make Your problems of Fairy Eater Chess or Epic Chess available here. The readers of Lady Julia are among the most dedicated to Fairy Chess that You will find anywhere. You are also invited to participate of contests that are frequently organised by Lady Julia.
Chess varieties invented by Mister Vadrya Pokshtya, ported to Game Courier by Mister P. A. Stonemann, CSS Dixieland:
Grand Dice Chess
Fairy Eater Chess
Epic Chess
Chess variety invented by Mister P. A. Stonemann, CSS Dixieland:
Maidens Chess
Readers of Julia’s Fairies are invited to play any of those games in the Game Courier section of Chess Variants, and to compose problems for publication here, in Julia’s Fairies. Grand Dice Chess uses dice, thus it is not suitable for problem composition, but the other Chess varieties are perfectly suitable for it.
Dixieland for ever !
P. A. Stonemann, CSS Dixieland

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