julia-311215Happy New Year 2016 to all my visitors, authors, commentators, judges!..

My best wishes to all of you and your families in the next year! Be successful, be creative and happy! 

I’d like to tell a special thanks to the judges who’ve finished their JF’s awards this year – to Hans Gruber, Eric Huber, Dmitri Turevski, Kjell Widlert, Vlaicu Crişan! And also to those who accepted the judging in this year and still have to work a lot – to Kostas Prentos, Thomas Brand, Ofer Comay! 

Thanks a lot to Shankar Ram, who’s made a list of problems published in July-December’2015, sending me updates to the database every week! I believe we all are grateful to Sébastien Luce for entering JF’s problems of 2015 in WinChloe’s Echecs database.  The solutions of animated PG problems published this year look nicer thanks to the additional functions written by Stephen Emmerson.

Thanks a lot to all commentators! Dear friends, you make this site much more interesting and useful, and many of you have helped to get much better versions of published problems.

I often have different questions.. to the authors who send me their problems to publish, to the programmers, to the judges of current competitions, and to other composers who might (to my believe) know the subject I need a help in. I get a lot of your help, detailed explanations, examples… Thank you so much for your responsiveness!

I’ll be happy to see all of you again on JF and in person in 2016! Have a nice celebration and till the meeting in the New Year!


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