JuliasFaries Announcement-120612

JuliasFaries Announcement-120612


12 Jun, 2012

Several announcements of the site:

  • The last release of WinChloe is available: version 3.19, Jun-2012 – 

Improvement in intelligent mode, about 5 times faster than in version 3.18.
The intelligent mode is used in help problems, but also in Selfmates when Black has only the King and 1 Pawn, 1 Knight or 1 Bishop.

  • The last update (as of 12-Jun-2012) of WinChloe Echecs database is also available today for those, who uses it. The number of problems has increased till 431669!
  • Julia’s Fairies site is added to the tourney’s section in WinChloe and 20 of original problems published here are already in WinChloe database – see the list of them I’ve exported from WinChloe!
  • Read more about WinChloe at my site in the section Software/WinChloe or at WinChloe’s Home.

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