28 April, 2012

Several announcements of the site:

  • Starting tomorrow, JuliasFairies will publish the series of articles “Block of the neutral battery-piece” by IGM Petko Petkov
  • Ready translation into Russian about Popeye: popeye installation,  cmd-commands and batch-scripts topics are fully translated into Russian now
  • About Russian version of the site:  most of the topics will be in 2 languages. Although,  they will appear first in  English, the Russian translation may come in 1-2 days.   I’d appreciate  comments about  the  terms in Russian – please let me know if I write anything wrong, or if there’s a better term.

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April 28, 2012 19:57

Wow! I Heartily Welcome the news of Petko’s article on Neutral battery-piece.