Marine pieces – the article!

DSCN580603 April, 2013

The sea is amazing and beautiful at all seasons! Nothing compares to it… And approaching the summer season, I’ve started to think about thematic tourney dedicated to Marine pieces. The Tournament will be announced later, but prior to it I’ve asked GM Petko A. Petkov to write for Julia’s Fairies an article about Marine Pieces.

So, now I’m very happy to present you the 1st part of the article “Do You know the Marine pieces?”:


My gratitude to you, dear Petko !

Thanks a lot for the English correction to Mr. Geoff Foster !

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2 Responses to Marine pieces – the article!

  1. shankar ram says:

    >> The sea is amazing and beautiful at all seasons!
    Recently saw “tinker, tailor, soldier, spy”..
    The song at the end.. “La Mer”.. expresses similar emotions.. 🙂

  2. SeetharamanSeetharaman says:

    Congrats. It had been an eventful year – with two successful tourneys also, and the annual tourney results eagerly awaited.

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