Oscar Bonivento

Oscar Bonivento


27 November 1914 /
01 October2012

With a deep regret I have to inform that this morning, being 98 years old, has gone famous Italian maestro, President of API, for 50 years editor of Italian chess problem magazine l’Italia Scacchistica and author of dozens of books – Oscar Bonivento.

He was like a father for Italian problemists. Oscar’s death is a heavy loss for Italian and the World chess community.

Per i problemisti italiani è stato come un padre. Ha curato la sezione problemi sull’Italia Scacchistica per oltre 50 anni ed ha scritto decine di libri che per noi sono una vera e propria miniera storica di informazioni.” (Valerio Agostini)

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October 1, 2012 19:17

While some talented problemists had an unfortunate early death (like Denis Blondel), I think Chess problem is a good hobby that keeps old people alert and healthy. I know many problemists who are sharp and compose very nice problems even after crossing 80. Hopefully, this mental activity is good for the health !

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