2 “solving days” in Riga – 23-24.Aug –
for those, who never solved before!

This post is dedicated to Latvians (Rigans really), who participates in the project (“igra” in Russian = game). This is not about chess at all! Commands, who participate in the game, have to do many very different things. This time a pre-game to get the additional bonus was to solve a fairy problem!

The problem above was composed for this game. So, it was impossible to find a ready solution in the internet. The only information the commands have got was that this is a helpmate (they had to find what it is), has 2 solutions of 2 moves, and a strange figure on d1,h1 was called a “shaman” with a given definition how it moves (in reality it was a simple Lion, but it was also not easy to find out it). The author was not mentioned as well.

Click here to see how the problem was presented to the commands by the organizers of this game (in Russian only). And click on the diagram to see the problem with solution.

  • As I know, at least 2 commands have really solved the problem themselves. Congratulations to you!!! I hope you enjoyed the solving and the happiness at the moment when you have found the right solution! 
  • I was also surprised a lot to see about 10 of you at my site, and you were on the right way looking at fairy terms and at popeye solving program! As I was told, some of you have solved a problem using solving software! So, you have done 2 things: have found the right name of the fairy piece, have learned how to install and to use a program! Congratulations to you too!! It is not that easy if you do it for the first time.

As I know for now, about 7 commands have submitted the right solution. But I don’t know how many commands participated in total.

Dear participants, I had fun during your time of solving… And now I wish you good luck in the real game you have this night!!!

Thank you for solving! – Julia 

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August 26, 2012 09:15

It is a very good problem showing Anti-battery mates and long lion moves ! If newcomers to chess problems could solve it, full credit to them.

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