WCCI 2019-2021: Results

WCCI 2019-2021: Results

The RESULTS of the 8th World Championship in Composing for Individuals WCCI 2019-2021 are published on the WFCC official website!


Congratulations to the winners!

A Twomovers: Vasyl Dyachuk, Pavel Murashev, Marjan Kovačević
B Threemovers: Aleksandr Kuzovkov, Mikhail Marandyuk, Igor Agapov
C Moremovers: Aleksandr Kuzovkov, Mikhail Marandyuk, Valery Shavyrin
D Endgame studies: Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen, Oleg Pervakov, Serhiy Didukh
E Helpmates: Mykola Kolesnik, Aleksandr Semenenko, Viktoras Paliulionis
F Selfmates: Andrey Selivanov, Zoran Gavrilovski, Gennadiy Koziura
G Fairies: Petko Petkov, Valery Semenenko, Václav Kotěšovec
H Retros: Silvio Baier, Dmitrij Baibikov, Kostas Prentos

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seetharaman kalyan
seetharaman kalyan
August 30, 2022 18:55

Wow! Valery Semenenco — surprise entry in the Fairy section prize list!
And Kuzovko does it again winning #3 and #n sections. He did it earlier in FIDE tourney 2021. Kudos to all the winners 👍 👍

Last edited 1 year ago by Seetharaman
Juraj Lörinc
Juraj Lörinc
August 30, 2022 21:13

Indeed, e.g. Valery’s No 4 was in my view hugely overvalued. Compare it to Oliva&Pernaric&Koludrovic, 2nd Prize 23rd TT Problemkiste 2002-2003 (3b4/1Sp1sPp1/R2pk1pQ/8/1S4pp/K3p2B/2p1RP1P/8, ser-h=25) or Nedeljkovic&Tomasevic, 3rd Prize Zeller MT 2003-2004 (1K6/3p1P2/R1p1kp2/8/6p1/1p5B/Q3p1p1/4RS2, ser-h=22). And those two problems were not included in the relevant Album… so I assigned only 1.5 points to this problem and was shocked to find out that my judging colleagues used mark 3.5 en masse.
Of course, this is not a single case, èven my own composition was overvalued, IMHO. There is crucial problem with WCCI directly feeding the Album. But there is no will to correct this issue, known for a long time.

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