WinChloe – latest update of
WinChloe Echecs database!

  • The latest update (as of 12-Oct-2012) of WinChloe Echecs database is available for those, who uses it. The number of problems has increased till 444141 !   In September I was written about the update as of 12-Sep-12 – there were 441047 problems that time. So, 3094 new problems are added in 1 month!
  • 74 of original problems published at are added to WinChloe Echecs database as of 12-Oct.
  • I’d like to write more about WinChloe in my section Software/WinChloe – hopefully, will find time somehow! But for now a little info I haven’t mentioned on my pages: although, WinChloe has user interface in 2 languages (French and English), most of fairy pieces and conditions are in French. So, for non-french speaking beginners I’d advice to visit WinChloe‘s author’s website – Problemesis by Christian Poisson – to see the translations and definitions of
    fairy pieces   (,
    fairy conditions (; 
    link to WinChloe ( and some more useful information.

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