3 months!

My site is 3 months old today!!!

For these 3 months the site is visited by 1238 people from 65 countries. Thank for for coming! Thanks to those, who comes again! I’ll try to do my best to make this site useful and interesting to all of you! And, please, leave your comments for me to know what might be useful to add!

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3 Responses to 3 months!

  1. Diyan Kostadinov says:

    These were very successful 3 months of your site. So many interesting originals, discussions and information. Congratulations and… keep going!

  2. Seetharamanseetharaman says:

    Nice discussions on the originals most of are very good. Wow ! 1238 visitors. Are there so many people interested in chess problems 🙂

    • JuliaJulia says:

      Nice to hear you like the discussions! If more people would like to participate….. 🙂
      About the number of visitors – I had exactly the same thought! But, well, some people can come from several computers (IP addresses) and then they’re considered as different visitors.
      Anyway, we are MANY!!

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