Arnold Beine 60 JT

schwalbe-logoArnold Beine 60 JT

= 216th TT of Die Schwalbe

On the occasion of the 60th birthday of its fairy-editor Arnold Beine Die Schwalbe announces a TT.

Theme: Required are problems with one of the following stipulations: #/=, h#/h=, s#/s=, r#/r=, hs#/hs= in 2 – n moves with Annan Сhess and neutral pieces. At least one neutral piece stands on or moves to a square between a white (or neutral) and a black (or neutral) piece, where it causes an Annanchess-effect for both sides; both effects play a certain role within the solution. Fairy pieces are permitted, but no other fairy-conditions. All entries must be tested by Popeye (version 4.63 or higher). →Read more…

Judge: Franz Pachl. For prizewinners there is a prize fond up to 300 Euro.
Entries until 31.12.2014 to the tourney director Arnold Beine, Grund 15, 65366 Geisenheim;

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  1. JuliaJulia says:

    Quotation of the email from Arnold Beine: “In the announcement of my birthday-tournament Bjørn Enemark found a cook in “Example 2″ (1.R:g3!). Sorry, but I forgot a bRg2 in the diagram, so correction: +bRg2.”

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