APwin v2015 + Popeye

Apwin2015APwin is a Windows-front for Alybadix/Fairybadix and Popeye. 

After a tremendous work Paul H. Wiereyn (NL) has completed APwin v2015, which supports also the popular free chess problem solving program Popeye!

It is very easy to install when the instructions a/c are strictly followed and it includes a collection of 670,113 chess-problems! New (or old) problems can typed in very fast with a new option in the Popeye-part (fast input). Info about all pieces and conditions can be obtained with one click and each blue field gives info after one click. It also works together with Arena for solving Endgame studies (also in the collection) and a link to the internet is possible for solving 6 men problems. Duplicates can be found very fast etc.” (Paul H. Wiereyn, comment on JF)

WinChloe update – 08/2015

WinChloe-iconA new version of WinChloe, 3.32, released in August, 2015! See the readme with new conditions and themes programmed. Among new conditions there’s Disparate PY (white&black) discussed on JF.

The Echecs database is updated as of 12-Aug-2015; with number of problems 583365, among them 591 problems from Julia’sFairies. 

Thanks a lot to Christian Poisson and to those who fills in the database!

Popeye 4.73 on GitHub!

popeye-githubPopeye team has announced Popeye 4.73, available on https://github.com/thomas-maeder/popeye/releases/tag/v4.73

Also, in August,2015 Popeye is moved from sourceforge.net to github! For now three releases of Popeye (4.69-4.73) are available at Releases menu.

One more comment by Thomas Maeder on MatPlus: “Please use the issues section (symbol “!” on the right) for your new bug reports and issue requests – most of the old ones have been migrated to the new site, as well as release 4.69 – more releases may follow.”

Thanks a lot to Popeye team for their work!

WCCC2015: After Congress…

DSCN9368My first Congress is over several days ago, but half of my soul is still there, in Ostróda

My first intention was to write about the facts and things happened, but in reality during the Congress I had no time for posting anything, and now all facts are already known. I’ll share just a little of emotions here. 

It was amazing to meet so many famous people face to face, in so short time! I was a bit confused as I couldn’t remember everybody from the first meeting as I wished.. Name badges weren’t used for this Congress, so all I could do was asking Latvian delegate, Ilja Ketris, who is who. 🙂 Of course, it was great pleasure for me to see that most of people know me, and to hear so many warm and kind words! –> read more

36th RIFACE, the results

st-germain-au-mont-d-orSee the RESULTS of the 36th RIFACE (Rencontre Internationale en France des Amateurs de Composition Echiquéenne) which took place from May 22, 2015 to May 25, 2015 at Saint-Germain au Mont d’Or (instead of the traditional location at Messigny).

“La 36° R.I.F.A.C.E. (Rencontre Internationale en France des Amateurs de Composition Echiquéenne), qui habituellement avait lieu à Messigny, s’est tenue cette année à St-Germain au Mont d’or (près de Lyon), du 22 au 25 mai 2015.
Participants : Jérôme AUCLAIR, André BANTEGNIE, Christine BAYS, Lionel BELIN, Marco BONAVOGLIA, Michel CAILLAUD, Mathias CARNO, Yves CHEYLAN, Alexandros DIMITRIADIS, Axel GILBERT, Maryan KERHUEL, Jörg KUHLMANN, Bernard MONTANGERAND, Laurent RIGUET, Philippe ROBERT, Philippe ROUZAUD, Pierre TRITTEN, Pascal WASSONG, Garen YACOUBIAN.”

2nd Israel Open Solving Championship


2nd Israel Open Solving Championship

The Israel Chess Composition Society is glad to announce the 2nd Israel Open Solving Championship. The event will be held in a similar format to the ISC, with a single difference:  B category will consist of 6 problems in each round instead of 4. However the problems in this category will be significantly lighter and simpler, thus inexperienced solvers can win points.

Date: Sunday June 21st 2015, 11:00 CET.

Main controller will be Paz Einat. All countries who wish to participate should contact the main controller by e-mail:  pazeinat@gmail.com. Final date for registration: June 11th 2015. The local controllers will receive all necessary word-format documents by e-mail no later than June 15th 2015. Results will be available on www.variantim.org. Top places are guaranteed medals which will be given in the upcoming congress in Ostroda.

Thank you!   — ICCS board

FIDE ALBUM 2010-2012 – Results in section G-Fairies

fide-album-photoThe results of the 2010-12 Album Fairies section are published yesterday, April 8, 2015, on wfcc.ch website. The section has got a record number of entries – 1524 ! 275 problems from 74 authors are selected. Congratulations and warm thanks to the director (Petko Petkov) and judges (Václav Kotěšovec, Manfred Rittirsch, Tadashi Wakashima) of this section for their huge work! Congratulations to the authors of selected problems!