Andernach 2016 problem chess meeting

ZdravkoMaslarZdravko Maslar

The traditional Andernach Fairy Chess Meeting will take place from May 05 to May 08, 2016 (as usual the long weekend starting with Ascension Day).

As last year we will meet at Ratskeller (Hochstraße 33, D-56626 Andernach); this is Zdravko Maslar‘s former restaurant Balkan Pic, where he had organised the meeting for decades.

As usual you should arrange your accomodation for yourself, but if necessary you may ask bernd ellinghoven (mail: be.fee(at) or Zdravko Maslar (Karolingerstr. 76, D-56626 Andernach, tel +49 2632 1577) for support.

For political reasons Zdravko came to Germany from former Yugoslavia in the early 1970th and established a restaurant in Andernach, some 80 kilometers south of Cologne at the Rhine river.
At the Wiesbaden WCCC in 1974 he met Peter Kniest, the publisher and general editor of feenschach. In their discussion the idea arose to have a fairy chess meeting, and Zdravko agreed to host it in his restaurant. The very first meeting was in spring 1975 at the Ascension Day weekend — so started the tradition of the Andernach meetings. Since 1975 Zdravko steadily organizes this meeting (now together with bernd ellinghoven) and hosted it in his restaurant until his retirement shortly before 2000.

Invitation to Belgrade: 59th WCCC & 40th WCSC

wccc2016-logoInvitation to Belgrade: 59th WCCC & 40th WCSC

The Serbian Chess Problem Society invites you to the 59th World Congress of Chess Composition (WCCC) and the 40th World Chess Solving Championship (WCSC). The event will be held from July 30th to August 6th 2016, in the 5-star Metropol Palace Hotel, in the center of Belgrade.

The Opening ceremony (July 30th) will be in the Assembly of the City of Belgrade.

The Open solving (August 1st), will be directed by Axel Steinbrink (Germany). The director of 40th WCSC (August 2nd & 3rd) will be Brian Stephenson (Great Britain). For the first time in the history of WCCC, separate competitions for juniors up to 18 years will be organized, both in composing and solving chess problems.

Download invitation as PDF | Official website:

APwin v2015 + Popeye

Apwin2015APwin is a Windows-front for Alybadix/Fairybadix and Popeye. 

After a tremendous work Paul H. Wiereyn (NL) has completed APwin v2015, which supports also the popular free chess problem solving program Popeye!

It is very easy to install when the instructions a/c are strictly followed and it includes a collection of 670,113 chess-problems! New (or old) problems can typed in very fast with a new option in the Popeye-part (fast input). Info about all pieces and conditions can be obtained with one click and each blue field gives info after one click. It also works together with Arena for solving Endgame studies (also in the collection) and a link to the internet is possible for solving 6 men problems. Duplicates can be found very fast etc.” (Paul H. Wiereyn, comment on JF)

WinChloe update – 08/2015

WinChloe-iconA new version of WinChloe, 3.32, released in August, 2015! See the readme with new conditions and themes programmed. Among new conditions there’s Disparate PY (white&black) discussed on JF.

The Echecs database is updated as of 12-Aug-2015; with number of problems 583365, among them 591 problems from Julia’sFairies. 

Thanks a lot to Christian Poisson and to those who fills in the database!

Popeye 4.73 on GitHub!

popeye-githubPopeye team has announced Popeye 4.73, available on

Also, in August,2015 Popeye is moved from to github! For now three releases of Popeye (4.69-4.73) are available at Releases menu.

One more comment by Thomas Maeder on MatPlus: “Please use the issues section (symbol “!” on the right) for your new bug reports and issue requests – most of the old ones have been migrated to the new site, as well as release 4.69 – more releases may follow.”

Thanks a lot to Popeye team for their work!