Fairy Terms page updated!

fairy-piecesFairy Terms
updated with some new code, new look, new possibilities

By default just some most known fairy elements are shown on the page. You can use the dropdown menus to select all or some concrete Fairy piece / Fairy condition , or you can use the empty field to enter the name / part of the name / keyword from the definition to find the selection of pieces/conditions meeting your search key. Use [RUS] checkbox to see also the definitions in Russian.

You’re welcome to enter the missing definitions to the database yourself, using the links INSERT fairy piece | INSERT fairy condition!

Well, it is just made and some more testing is needed for sure! Please, be careful with entering new fairy elements if you do so and report to me if anything goes wrong. Will see if the spammers might attack it too… 

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6 Responses to Fairy Terms page updated!

  1. shankar ram says:

    Better to have an option wherein you are able to check newly submitted pieces and conditions and then include them into the database.
    This will help to avoid spam and incorrect, duplicate and vague definitions.

    • JuliaJulia says:

      I believe Shankar is right. If getting too many of fake records I’ll make this insert into temporary table, to check and to move to the main one manually. For now I have a little mark which is added to all definitions submitted from the web page, so I can check those new rows quickly and to change to approved or to delete.

  2. François Labelle says:

    My suggestion would be to unify the database of fairy terms and the definitions given for individual problems. Suppose you programmed JF so that the definitions (“click to show/hide”) given for individual problems are always pulled from the database of fairy terms, then each time an original problem makes use of a new condition or fairy piece, you would add the definition to the database instead of adding it to the context of a single problem. The database would grow effortlessly over time.

    • JuliaJulia says:

      François, thank you! But of course, it would be the best option! Before I had complications with adding php scripts inside html pages with original problems (in WordPress Visual editor breaks such code, so I had to turn it off every time for editing the pages containing php), but now have separated PHP scripts in shortcodes and will call those shortcodes from html pages. Still learning, still testing. (I’m not a professional WEB designer, for about 20 years working as financial manager.. Reading manuals and forums on the web, playing with html, php, plugins for WordPress etc… It takes time, every little new thing implemented).

    • shankar ram says:

      This would work. But an option of adding definitions directly to the database is also needed.

  3. shankar ram says:

    Two more categories are needed:
    1. Stipulations
    2. Boards(larger, smaller, cylinders, grids, magic squares, etc.)

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