JF’s 5 years jubilee


JF’s 5 years jubilee

It feels like so recently I proudly wrote about JF’s first year, but today this website celebrates the first real jubilee, 5 years.. and I don’t know where to start from..

What is JF for me? As a growing baby, requiring time and care, it is making me glad, and more and more busy, in the same time. I have some figures and facts to be proud of, like number 1200 in the section of originals (an average of 2 publications in 3 days); then average of 120 visits per day (about 80 unique ones) from 27-30 countries; 15 informal competitions and 5 thematic ones; animated solutions implemented since June 2014 with Dmitri Turevski’s help…

JV-BelgradeRunning the site, publishing different kinds of fairy problems, and announcements, I feel like learning all the time. But getting to know all of you who help me, who contribute to JF, who are part of “JF’s community”, means even more! The names, so many, from so different countries, turned into alive persons. And I know, this is in the both directions. Some years ago (2, 3?) I started seeing the references to Julia’s Fairies publications as simply: JF… The independent life of these two letters still means a lot to me.

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6 Responses to JF’s 5 years jubilee

  1. Mario Parrinello says:

    The entire chess problem community are deeply indebted for your tireless and excellent efforts in producing such a valuable irreplaceable site. A big thank you!
    And a happy 5 years jubilee!

  2. Kenneth Solja says:

    I hope that I’m not that wrong when I say that Julia’s Fairies gave fairy problemists a totally new life by giving a new place to publish problems.
    Also like Mario says we should say to you a big thanks for opening this channel.
    Happy 5 years jubilee!

  3. seetharaman says:

    FIVE years? 1200 originals… what a stupendous achievement and hard work Julia! Congratulations. You are gift to the Problem World. I think I can brag now, that the first original in this site (apart from your No.1) was mine !!

  4. JuliaJulia says:

    Thank you, Mario! Thank you, Kenneth! Thank you, Ram! So touched by your comments and also by all warm mails of today! Would like to thank the authors of original problems with dedications to JF’s jubilee: Igor Kochulov, Kenneth Solja and Petko Petkov! I’ll be glad to publish all of them the next days.
    Grateful to all of you for making this day special for me!

  5. Thomas Brand says:

    Congratulations on five years of your excellent fairies site: It is an outstinding gift for all fairy (and retro…) friends all over the world!

    Thank you so much for your magnificent work — and many happy returns!

  6. shankar ram says:

    Happy 5th anniversary, Julia!
    5 years over, already?
    Still remember your first email to me, asking if I would be willing to act as judge..
    My judging the 1st year of JF, also re-awakened my interest in composing.. for which I am grateful to you!

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