Mečislavas Palevičius MT

sachmatijaMečislavas Palevičius memorial tourney

The Lithuanian chess composers` society announces a memorial tourney of Mečislavas Palevičius.

Theme: serial (all kinds) mate or stalemate problem with neutral pawns. Other fairy pieces or conditions are allowed. No more than 15 moves. Entries must be sent by 1st of January, 2016, to director of tourney Borisas Gelpernas, Vytenio g. 27-15, LT-03112 Vilnius, Lithuania or by e-mail:

Write your post address. The judge will be announced latterly. Prizes: books.
The award will be announced in „Šachmatija“ in the middle of 2016.

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  1. shankar ram says:

    An alternate spelling of the composer’s name was “Mechislav Palevich”.

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