Popeye 4.73 on GitHub!

popeye-githubPopeye team has announced Popeye 4.73, available on https://github.com/thomas-maeder/popeye/releases/tag/v4.73

Also, in August,2015 Popeye is moved from sourceforge.net to github! For now three releases of Popeye (4.69-4.73) are available at Releases menu.

One more comment by Thomas Maeder on MatPlus: “Please use the issues section (symbol “!” on the right) for your new bug reports and issue requests – most of the old ones have been migrated to the new site, as well as release 4.69 – more releases may follow.”

Thanks a lot to Popeye team for their work!

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2 Responses to Popeye 4.73 on GitHub!

  1. JuliaJulia says:

    I wonder what has happened with notation for half-neutrals in solutions in PY v.4.71-4.73.
    Like, the solution to No.871 by PY4.69 looks like:

    a) 1.Bc7*b6 hNg2-c4=nh 2.nhNc4-e8=wh Rh2-h5 3.hNe8-g7=nh + nhNg7-e8=bh #

    but in 4.73 “hn” seems to be used for half-neutral, but for the “departure” only (1…hnNg2-c4), and change of color is the same as before, just “h” (=nh; =wh; =bh):

    a) 1.Bc7*b6 hnNg2-c4=nh 2.nhnNc4-e8=wh Rh2-h5 3.hnNe8-g7=nh + nhnNg7-e8=bh #

    I believe the first version looked better. Notation like “nhnNc4” looks too heavy 🙂
    Either it’s a bug, or an intention to change the notation?

  2. Joost de HeerJoost says:

    Probably changed to differentiate between hurdlecolourchanging pieces (now shown as ‘hcc’) and halfneutral pieces (hn).

    I’ve updated http://sanguis.xs4all.nl/popeye with the new development version 4.74.

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