No.364 (DN)

Daniel Novomesky (Slovakia)


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2013 (II): May – August

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No.364 by Daniel Novomesky – Aristocratic Miniature with 6 anti-battery mates! (JV)


Definition sent by author:

Tree Hopper –  similar to the Radial Leaper, but the hurdle can be a piece of either colour.

Tree hopper (TH): if on a Q-line with another unit distance x away, can move to another square x away from that piece (e.g. THc2, Pc5, Pe4 – 1.THf5 (over c5: c2-c5 = c5-f5) or 1.THc6,g6,g2 (over e4: c2-e4=e4-c6 etc.) )

No.364 Daniel Novomesky
h#3                                              (3+3)
b) Kf4→g6
c) THe7→b6 
d) THd2→c3
e) THe6→d7
f) Kf4→a8
Tree Hoppers: THe7, THd3, THe6, THd2
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