No.464 (SD)

Stephan Dietrich (Germany)


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2013 (III): September- December

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No.464 by Stephan Dietrich – Another nice four-men with Poseidons from Stephan! (JV)


Poseidon (PO): The Marine King is named “Poseidon”. The Poseidon moves like a King when not capturing, and captures adjacent pieces like a Locust.

PWC: When a capture is made, the captured unit (except a King) is replaced on the square the capturing unit just leaves. A Pawn is immovable on its 1st rank.

Grid Chess: The board is divided not only into its usual 64 squares, but also into 16 larger squares consisting of 4 normal squares each. All moves by both sides must cross at least one line of the grid. Illegal are all settings with white or black King on the squares ‘a1’, ‘h1’, ‘a8’ and ‘h8’.

No.464 Stephan Dietrich
hs#4,5          b) Rd5→d6             (2+2)
Grid Chess
Poseidons: c4, e4
Solutions: (click to show/hide)

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