(English) WCCC2016 Unofficial Composing Tournaments: The Awards


14th Romanian Tzuica Tourney

  • Theme: hs#n/hs=n, Rundlauf of at least 4 moves (see PDF document)
  • The AWARD by Vlaicu Crişan & Eric Huber

16th Japanese Sake Tourney

  • Theme: H#2, Colorless Chess (see PDF document)
  • The AWARD by Tadashi Wakashima, Toshiki Kobayashi, Masato Yoshii

See Prize giving for composing and solving tourneys on youtube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNFsm7tQH10

Закладка Постоянная ссылка.

8 комментариев: (English) WCCC2016 Unofficial Composing Tournaments: The Awards

  1. shankar ram пишет:

    Saw the YouTube stream of the ceremony..
    Including you getting your Tzuica tourney award;-)
    Congratulations, Julia!

  2. shankar ram пишет:

    Who was the person handing out the Tzuica tourney awards?
    Vlaicu or Eric?

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