Sergey Smotrov 50JT

Jubilee tourney “Sergey Smotrov – 50”

Stipulation: s#12-N
Theme: logical selfmate in 12 or more moves.
Both orthodox selfmates and selfmates with any quantity of fairy pieces and/or conditions are allowed. Depending on quantity and quality of sent problems, the judge can divided an award into several subsections or, vice versa, can combine several sections into the one.
Judge: Sergey Smotrov | Send entries to the judge | Closing date: February 4th, 2020
Award will be published on the website

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One Response to Sergey Smotrov 50JT

  1. Seetharamanseetharaman says:

    Logical selfmates can be composed in 3 moves also! Pity only S#12 + are required. I suppose will restrict the number of participants.

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