Soft upgrade on JF

faviconDear Friends, today the soft upgrade (WordPress platform with related plugins) was done for JF. I’m sorry for any inconveniences you might have as the result! Some loses in the functionality are already found and fixed. Please, let me know if you find something that has stopped working as before! Thank you! – Julia.

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12 Responses to Soft upgrade on JF

  1. shankar ram says:

    I’m not able to “open” and view the solutions in android browser – either the stock one or chrome.

  2. Nikola Predrag says:

    I wrote a comment and clicked at “Post Comment” but it was not posted.
    I tried again and there came a note that I’ve already posted the same comment?!

  3. shankar ram says:

    Same problem on my tablet too.
    However in both mobile and tablet, solutions of some positions are OK, some are not!

  4. shankar ram says:

    Solution issue is present with Firefox browser under Ubuntu Linux too.
    Summary of issues seen so far:
    1. For some problems, if the solution link is clicked, the page moves to the top, instead of the solution becoming visible. Other problems are OK. And the animation works in all cases.
    2. In the comments sidebar, Cyrillic text appears, even if the English option is selected.
    3. In the comments sidebar, the text is overlapping the image in some cases (where the image is large).

  5. JuliaJulia says:

    Oh, thanks to all! Everything works fine under Chrome. Clicking on a diagram should work, but clicking on the “Solutions” really doesn’t work under IE @Windows and on Android as well.
    Will look….. sorry for the inconveniences!

  6. shankar ram says:

    Solution link working on android now!

  7. shankar ram says:

    Another bug: For the new problems, “comments are closed”!

  8. Georgy EvseevGeorgy Evseev says:

    Comments to 965 are closed.

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