Julia’s Fairies – 6 months!


On the 10th of October JuliasFairies.com becomes 6 month old!

I’m so happy that it has become well-known for this half a year! I’m so thankful for your activity, for almost 150 original problems published here, for about 55 problems I already have for my first Thematic tourney, for your comments and for your mails! This all means a lot to me, and motivates a lot! Thank you, dear authors, commentators and readers!


Let me show you the wonderful gift I’ve got from the one who supports me and this site a lot, who shares his knowledge with all of us, who is simply the best in fairies, and who is the best teacher I ever had – 2 problems by GM Petko A. Petkov:
No.148 – dedicated to me;
No.149 – dedicated to the 6th month Jubilee of the site Julia’s Fairies!
Thank you, thank you, thank you, dear Petko! I’m afraid I can’t find more words – I’m very touched and happy!..

I wish the success to the site, and to all of you in your composing and in your life!

Your, Julia

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