Objections and final award JF-2013/I

Objections and final award JF-2013/I


Julia’s Fairies 2013-I
Final result

To the Preliminary Award of Julia’s Fairies 2013-I received one objection, regarding 9th Prize (No.273, Skoba&Golha). A problem with the same content was earlier published by Cornel Pacurar (PS2514F,  The Problemist Supplement 09/2011).

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Juraj Brabec

The judge’s decision is: 

The problems have the same main content – the black Rook helps the white King and pawn to gradually move to the other end of the board. But there are also differences in favour of No.273:

  • mate with a promotion into Rook;
  • in a) a Rook is captured on black squares, in b) – on white.

In my opinion this is enough to justify the independent existence of problem No.273. But, of course, it is not enough for such a high score, so it loses its prize and is instead awarded with 4th-11th commendation. As a result, the Award has 8 prizes, 10 hon.mentions, 11 commendations.

No other objections were received, so the Award of Julia’s Fairies 2013-I becomes final as mentioned above.

The Final Award of Julia’sFairies-2013/I will be published in few days, but for now the appendix about changes mentioned above is added to Preliminary Award.

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