Diyan Kostadinov introduces a new fairy condition – Circe X!


Definition:  as a normal Circe – captured units (not Ks) reappear on their game-array squares, of the same colour (pieces), on the file of capture (pawns), or on the capture file’s promotion square (fairy pieces), but if the rebirth square is already occupied by another piece (A) it must immediately move (without capturing) vacating the square for landing of the captured piece (B). The capturing side decides where the piece A should move. If there is not possible legal movement, the capture is not allowed (or possible variation – the captured piece disappearing). 

→See schemes and examples at KobulChess!

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Diyan Kostadinov
Diyan Kostadinov
June 6, 2013 03:20

Thank you Julia for sharing this new type of Circe.