Regarding certain concerns raised in the matplus forum

Regarding certain concerns raised in the matplus forum

On 1-May-21, Julia made a post  on the matplus forum about our project. After this, many concerns were raised in the thread. This is our response.

We thank all the contributors of the thread for their opinions and insights.
We have added notes, at various points in our document, to present the alternative views expressed:

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We do feel that our work is of value, despite the scepticism and disdain expressed.
During our discussions and correspondence,

  • We have searched for, compiled, catalogued, acknowledged and used a long list of sources on the internet by our other friends covering the same subject.
  • We discovered gaps in various groups which could be filled by new elements.
  • We found and corrected mistakes in existing definitions.
  • We identified and resolved ambiguities in the definitions of some elements.
  • We came across differences in the software implementations of the same element.
  • We saw the relationships between seemingly different elements.
  • We found the same elements existing under different names.
  • We have contacted various friends for help with some elements and they have generously responded.
  • We have presented an easy and searchable interface for the user to navigate and explore the various groups, elements and their definitions in three different modes.
  • In the depressing climate which pervades the world today, our project was a source of friendly interaction and inspiration.
  • Finally, We have, once again, come to understand and experience what TRD meant when he said: “Fairy Chess sets the heart and mind of all who know it aflame with passionate love of its joy“.

Our above response may not satisfy everybody. But we are here for the long haul and all suggestions for improvement will be considered. Gens Una Sumus.

Shankar Ram

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June 14, 2021 10:21


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