FCCP: November 2023 Update!

The “new and improved” interface to FCCP is ready!
Viewers can access it at: https://tinyurl.com/fccp-new


  • A hierarchical indented tree that can be easily navigated
  • A separate page linked to each element, opening in a split window, with definitions and other details like history, software support, and importantly, an example problem with solution
  • Provision for alternate classifications for the same element
  • Links and backlinks to associate parent, child, and related elements
  • Search function and alphabetical index
  • Feedback form (though viewers can use the JF comments section too!)

Currently, only the main Stipulations group is covered. Other groups and elements will be added in a phased manner.

Corrections and additions to the existing content will be done as required and the changes can be viewed immediately.

Happy viewing!

Shankar Ram

FCCP: August 2022 Update!

FCCP project as of August 2022

This time, we have:

  1. A revised version of the “Tree and Leaf” article, based on additional information from Peter Wong
  2. Maryan Kerhuel’s revised documents on the classification of fairy conditions: document, Spreadsheet with list of elements
  3. Maryan Kerhuel’s documents on the classification of fairy pieces: document, Spreadsheet with list of elements
  4. A sneak peek at the future unified model (see the image!), with multiple categories for the same element or group.

Happy Reading! – Shankar Ram

The Fairy Chess Classification Project – March 2022 Update

The FCCP – March 2022 Update

After the initial release in April 2021, the last release in August 2021 covered some 476 elements. No updates to the database have since been made. This was mainly due to our decision to implement a new format wherein alternative classification choices could be shown together. While this “Grand Unified Theory” is still under progress, we are happy to present some new  classification ideas by Thomas Maeder, Maryan Kerhuel and Chris Tylor. These will, hopefully, be eventually integrated into our GUT!

T.M. model coloured by NSR
  1. Back in May 2021, Thomas Maeder proposed a classification model for the Stipulations group. It used a two-dimensional matrix for the “Play” group. His original outline is here and a slightly modified and coloured version by NSR is here.
  2. Maryan Kerhuel started work on a classification model for the Conditions group from October 2021. He has included the relationship between conditions and piece attributes. His latest version can be seen here (Group and sub-group definitions) and here (Spreadsheet with 300+ conditions from WinChloe sorted by name [sheet 1] and by classification code [sheet 2]).
  3. After a break, Chris Tylor returned to the project from February 2022, with a comprehensive document covering all the existing plus some new elements and attempting a different approach, which can be seen here. Chris’s words from the introduction: “…I would like to dedicate it and any further versions to Julia – as being the person with the vision to set this project in motion in the first place.

– NSR on behalf of FCCP team

FCCP Update! (06.01.2022)

Our project has now covered more than 90% of the top frequently used elements in WinChloe and almost all the elements in Popeye, as well as other unsupported ones. We are taking a break while we continue adding new elements and also work on modifying the visual interface to show alternative classifications of elements and groups, as also other related information like history and example problems. This may take some more time.

Till then, for your reading pleasure, we present one more “by-product” article and a listing of matplus forum posts on fairy definition and classification related content (with hyperlinks to each post)! – Shankar Ram, FCCP project


FCCP: August-2021 Release (v0.2)

Fairy Chess Classification Project

We are happy to release our next version (0.2)!

  • Various corrections and modifications were made.
    54 new elements added: Stipulations(3), Pieces(7), Conditions(44).
    Now has a total of 476 elements, up from the earlier 422.
  • Almost all additions are from the Popeye supported list.
  • Thanks to Torsten Linss and Christian Poisson for their help with the newly added Reciprocal stipulations.
  • Thanks to Juraj Lorinc and Niels Danstrup for pointing out faulty definitions. They have been corrected!

THE FAIRY CHESS CLASSIFICATION (V.0.2, 30.07.2021)                                                                    – The FCCP Team

Regarding certain concerns raised in the matplus forum

On 1-May-21, Julia made a post  on the matplus forum about our project. After this, many concerns were raised in the thread. This is our response.

We thank all the contributors of the thread for their opinions and insights.
We have added notes, at various points in our document, to present the alternative views expressed:

=> See (hide) more…

We do feel that our work is of value, despite the scepticism and disdain expressed.
During our discussions and correspondence,

  • We have searched for, compiled, catalogued, acknowledged and used a long list of sources on the internet by our other friends covering the same subject.
  • We discovered gaps in various groups which could be filled by new elements.
  • We found and corrected mistakes in existing definitions.
  • We identified and resolved ambiguities in the definitions of some elements.
  • We came across differences in the software implementations of the same element.
  • We saw the relationships between seemingly different elements.
  • We found the same elements existing under different names.
  • We have contacted various friends for help with some elements and they have generously responded.
  • We have presented an easy and searchable interface for the user to navigate and explore the various groups, elements and their definitions in three different modes.
  • In the depressing climate which pervades the world today, our project was a source of friendly interaction and inspiration.
  • Finally, We have, once again, come to understand and experience what TRD meant when he said: “Fairy Chess sets the heart and mind of all who know it aflame with passionate love of its joy“.

Our above response may not satisfy everybody. But we are here for the long haul and all suggestions for improvement will be considered. Gens Una Sumus.

Shankar Ram

“Reciprocal Stipulations” by Shankar Ram

“One of the benefits of our Classification Project is the opportunity to study some rarely used fairy elements and also fill in gaps in their grouping. One such study resulted in this “mini-article”. More such will follow!” (NSR) 

FCCP → Related Articles

To summarise, our list of Reciprocal types are:
1 Reciprocal (Grazer) Helpmate (Reci-h#). Help Play – #1 & h#1 by B.
2 Reciprocal HelpSelfmate (Reci-hs#). Help Play – #1 & s#1 by W.
3 Reciprocal (Grazer) Selfmate (Reci-s#). Direct Play – #1 & s#1 by W.
4 Reciprocal SemiReflexmate (Reci-½r#). Direct Play – #1 & semi-r#1(h#1) by W.

Shankar Ram, June 2021

The Jungle and the Garden

The Jungle and the Garden

We are happy to announce the next release of our classification (v 0.1)!

Our work to make a beautiful garden from the mysterious jungle continues

In this, we have been joined by Andrew Buchanan. A warm welcome to him!

Thanks to Juraj Lörinc and Eric Huber for help with some fairy conditions

Many corrections, modifications, rearrangements and additions have been made

There are now a total of 422 elements, up from 390 earlier

All 173 items in the JF Fairy Terms list are now included!

Some alternative viewpoints about the classifications have been added at various places

The list of other sources on the internet has been updated on the project page

– The FCCP Team

FCCP SEARCH & Fairy Terms menu

FAIRY TERMS menu of JF is updated, so the main page presents 2 subpages:

  • The Fairy Chess Classification Project (created in April, 2021)
  • JF Fairy Terms database (the old JF’s database of fairy elements which is still in use for the definitions of fairy pieces/conditions for the original problems). With the time the FCC should replace the old database fully.

The SEARCH function is added to the Fairy Chess Classification Project!
From the FCCP‘s main page you see:

View the DB: