FCCP Update! (06.01.2022)

FCCP Update! (06.01.2022)

Our project has now covered more than 90% of the top frequently used elements in WinChloe and almost all the elements in Popeye, as well as other unsupported ones. We are taking a break while we continue adding new elements and also work on modifying the visual interface to show alternative classifications of elements and groups, as also other related information like history and example problems. This may take some more time.

Till then, for your reading pleasure, we present one more “by-product” article and a listing of matplus forum posts on fairy definition and classification related content (with hyperlinks to each post)! – Shankar Ram, FCCP project


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January 7, 2022 16:24

Wow!! How does he find time for this amazing interface and a great index of Matplus posts? Just a few days ago he completed the Julia Fairies award in record time. I envy you Shankar !

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