by Juraj Lörinc

Opening Words from the Editor:

It is no secret among chess composers that already for some time I am trying to advocate compositions where White and Black are really fighting one another, just like in the most common direct mates. Obviously, fight of two sides is not limited to direct mates, it can be found in selfmates, reflex mates, their cousins with different aims (stalemate, check, etc.), then in fairy problems introducing fairy pieces or fairy conditions with the same stipulations, various kinds of retractors, and obviously in endgame studies too. -> more

Your comments, e-mails and even contributions are welcome – however the final decision about content published in Conflictio is mine. I hope you will like the new e-zine. – Juraj Lörinc

Two first issues of the Conflictio are added to the Articles section of JF: Conflictio No.1 (04.03.2018) | Conflictio No.2 (18.03.2018)

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Manfred Rittirsch
Manfred Rittirsch
March 25, 2018 15:12

Nice idea, nice e-zine, nice logo!
Even if I am rather the peacable kind of composer, I appreciate your enthusiasm and will not hesitate to support your commitment.
Thank you for your efforts including two enjoyable first issues! Good luck!

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