Fairy Terms – a new look!

Fairy Terms – a new look!

fairy-piecesFairy Terms – a new look!

Dear Friends, I’d like to present you a new look of Fairy Terms section! I know, I know, there’re really too few definitions yet, but I’ll try to improve the situation. What I’ve done these days is a new way of presentation, where the database is used for the definitions and a query form is added for you to make the search. For now I don’t plan to have as many definitions as possible, but at least the information about Fairy pieces and Fairy conditions presented in the Original Problems section of the site (in the both – English and Russian). 

In the new presentation by default you see the definitions of all pieces and conditions I have. Maybe in the future the default view should be changed. Next, you can either choose some concrete fairy piece or condition from drop-down menu, or to use “enter pattern” field to enter any part of the name (like submitting “locust” you will get “Locust”, “Rook-Locust”, “Bishop-Locust”). I’m thinking either alphabetical order for the results would be better?.. For now the order is more or less by the groups of related pieces. As always, I appreciate your comments and suggestions here! And please report if you’ll get any bugs!


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