My debut in WCCI 2010-2012

My debut in WCCI 2010-2012

julia-skating1My debut in WCCI 2010-2012

It was my first participation in WCCI, and of course, I’m happy, and excited, and very interested in all results…. Everyone can imagine!

I’ve participated in Fairy section (judges: Juraj Lörinc, Franz Pachl, Petko Petkov, Tadashi Wakashima, Klaus Wenda), the place No.21 (considered a lucky number!) in the list of results, 29.50 points in total. →See the whole text with problems and scores!

Problems were ordered by my understanding which one is better, the judges views were a bit different. But I’m very happy that No.2 –  with my favorite Chameleon piece(!) – goes to FIDE Album!

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Paul Raican
Paul Raican
July 20, 2013 01:07

Dear Julia, your classification in WCCI is impressive, if we know that you are a newcomer in the branch. Sincerely, congratulations, you are definitely between us!

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