Site’s sections 09.07.2013

Site’s sections 09.07.2013

jv-june2013 Dear Friends,

I have some comments for you about site’s sections:

  • Recently I’ve corrected a little Site INTRO, although it needs to have some more information I believe;
  • I wished to have a good Fairy Terms section, but seems like I have to declare that I’ll have there only the definitions for fairy elements used in Original Problems section;
  • Articles page is up to date and you’re always welcome to send your articles for publication;
  • My problems I’m trying to update from time to time (mostly for myself);
  • Original problems section is up to date, I’m trying to publish your problems the same day when receive;
  • Tourneys section is going to be changed a little – in the future I won’t show there an excerpts of the tourney announcements, but only the links to full announcements as it is shown for the last tourneys at the bottom part of the page; but the same time I’ll make a short post in site’s home about each new tourney added;
  • In Software section I have only information about programs I use myself; WinChloe‘s page is still unfinished;
  • Links I haven’t updated for a long time; if you wish your site to be added there – just send me an url and few words of description;
  • About me page I’ve finally translated into Russian;
  • Forum I’ve added long time ago to allow you to open new topics, not only to comment mine. For now it’s quite passive. But you’re welcome to try it!

Have a nice summer season! /Julia

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