News as of 23-May

News as of 23-May

jv-140513Dear Friends,

First of all I’d like to remind you that the 1st of June is very close – and it is the last day for submitting your problems to FIDE Album 2010-2012. See the Announcement at WFCC website!

And now I have a good and bad news:

• I’m happy to let you know that yesterday I’ve got from Juraj Brabec the Award for JF-2013-I informal tourney! There’re many awarded problems and about 7 pages of interesting comments written in a nice cosy style. Thanks a lot to Juraj for so fast judging!

• I’m sorry to tell you, that most probably you’ll see the award in the first days of June only, as I have to translate it from Russian into English, and to prepare for publication; but as a lazy student I haven’t prepared my selection for FIDE Album yet, and need some time now to do it. 

Looking at the silence here, I guess that many of you are busy with Album’s problems now. I wish you good luck in preparing your selections! And I’m waiting for your buy levitra professional activity here again! 


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