feenschach-70 Jubilee Tourney – C29.02.2020

feenschach-70 Jubilee Tourney – C29.02.2020

feenschachlogo feenschach-70 Jubilee Tourney

feenschach turns 70 this year, and so feenschach editorial team announced a Jubilee Tourney dealing with the new fairy condition make&take invented at Andernach 2019.

Stipulated are problems with the condition “make&take”. Additional fairy pieces and/or conditions will be accepted.

Closing date: February 29, 2020. | Judges: Thomas Brand, bernd ellinghoven, Hans Gruber.
Controller: Ulrich Ring – please send your contributions via email to feenschach-70@rxng.de
“Internal duals” (ambiguous paths to the capture target) should be avoided. The extent to which they reduce the value is decided by the judges on a case-by-case basis.
Prizes: feenschach subscriptions or FEE=NIX books (if still available) | Announcement in PDF in German / English.

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