feenschach 72nd TT

feenschach 72nd TT

feenschachlogo Announcement of the 72nd feenschach TT

Required are series help-selfmate move-length records with 5-24 (or more) units (legal position and no promoted force). Series help-selfmates exceeding the current overall length record of 196 moves with promoted force (legal position) are also welcome! Closing date is December 31st 2013. Entries should be sent to the tournament director Thomas Brand, preferably via email. All entries that are length records for the different numbers of total normal force will be published in one of the first feenschach 2014 issues. Books or brochures prizes are offered as a reward to all tournament participants who send at least one actual length record if the total number of such records from all tournament participants is equal or exceeds the total number of records submitted by Arno Tüngler!

See full announcement with examples at http://www.feenschach.de/downloads/f72TT.pdf !

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