faviconDear Friends, I was going to do software updates on Julia’s Fairies, but have changed the order of my plans. So, software updates are postponed to the future, but these days I’ve migrated the site to another hosting company, eLinks Hosting (LV). The team of eLinks has about 17 years of experience in Web design/graphics and starting from the hosting for their clients has grown into company with international hosting services. These days I’ve had a great experience with support team of eLinks, who has done the migration so professionally and fast, almost without my own participation! I’m happy that JF has safely moved to the new home, from Dallas to the datacenter in Germany. I hope, it will be a nice home!

Tonight I have 2 new problems for publication. I’m grateful to the authors, as always, but this time I’d like to ask you to wait for publication till tomorrow, as I just need to explore the new home a little, and also to celebrate the event with some wine. I really was worried a lot the last days… Please write me emails if you’ll find that anything works wrong! Thank you! – Julia

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