Marine pieces III – the article!

Marine pieces III – the article!

sea-italy13 May, 2013

I’m happy to present you the last part of  the article by IGM Petko A. Petkov about Marine Pieces! This is the 3rd part and dedicated to Marine MAO and Marine MOA. I’ve promised Marine Ship as well, but there’re some differences in implementation in WinChloe and Popeye, so it was skipped for now.

Now the 8 Marine pieces were discussed and all of them are implemented in the both programs – Popeye and WinChloe. So, can be used by most of you I believe, and will be included into Marine TT:

1 Part I – Siren, Triton, Nereid

Part II –  Marine Knight, Poseidon and Marine Pawn

3 Part III –  Scylla (Marine MAO), Charybdis (Marine MOA) 

Enjoy the article! –






With a gratitude to Mr. Petko A.Petkov for his material and work 

and to Mr. Geoff Foster for English correction!

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