You are welcome to download the new issue of Problemas, the bulletin of the Spanish Society of Chess Problemists (SEPA), at the Society’s web page:

The October 2013 issue consists of 24 pages and includes 17 articles with a total of 89 diagrams. We hope you’ll find it interesting! If you need further information feel free to get in touch with me. (Joaquim Crusats)

julia-redI’d like to comment this issue: it has a special meaning for me as it contains the first article I’ve written myself: “The Chameleon – a colorful piece to start off with” (pages 80-81). I’m thankful to Joaquim for the invitation to write it and I’m very grateful to Geoff Foster who always helps me with generic viagra england English correction! (Julia)

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October 1, 2013 10:25

Nice article Julia ! and the only one in English in that issue !!

Joaquim Crusats
Joaquim Crusats
October 1, 2013 11:24
Reply to  seetharaman

“(…) and the only one in English in that issue!!”

Not quite so… There are two, actually; and we would have loved to include yet a third one. Maybe it will appear in the next issue… hopefully. But I do agree in that its is a very nice article indeed!

October 1, 2013 17:24

Thanks Joaquim for the correction. I missed the excellent essay on retroanalysis (continuous twins), by Frolkin and others. The article contains many beautiful originals also.