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01.01.2019 - 31.12.2020

Definitions / Определения

Some introduction by the Author:

This problem has some background.
In the “ Bulletin” 7/2015 an article “Wenigsteiner in Proca Retractor AntiCirce” was published by Vlaicu Crişan and Eric Huber. The article ended with a call to break the record achieved by Paul Rãican (-18 & # 1). Three months later, a problem by Alex Levit (-19 & # 1) appeared on JF.
Seeing the problem, I immediately realized that it was a new record. Therefore, the first comment on JF wasn’t unexpected. However, the second comment came as a surprise. It turned out that the new record (-21 & # 1) had moved to Problem Paradise. The next surprise was waiting for me when reading the materials of the Wenigsteinerjahrespreis competition for 2016.
The new record (-23 & # 1) by the same author was published in the next issue of PP.
I have long wanted to return the record to JF. I hope that my task is correct and that I succeeded.

And also the hint for solving – the solution includes the following moves:
3.Ke1×Rd1(+wKe1), 9.Ke4×Bf4(+wKe1), 13.Ke3×Pf4(+wKe1), 17.Kh3×Bg4(+wKe1), 33.Kf7×Qe8(+wKe1)

No. 1524 Dmitrij Baibikov
original - 22.07.2020

White Ke1 Black Kc5 Pc2g5
-34 & #1 Proca                       1+3

Solution: (click to show/hide)

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Alex Levit
Alex Levit
July 24, 2020 12:59

An incredible achievement! I could not even imagine that such a complicated play with 13 (!) uncaptures is possible in Wenigsteiner Proca.

Bojan Bašić
Bojan Bašić
October 21, 2020 04:14

Could this be a cook?
-22.Kf2xRg3(+wKe1) Rd1-d2+ -23.Ke1-f2 Rd2-d1+ -24.Kg5xQg4(+wKe1) Kd8-c7+ -25.Kf4-g5 Ba7-b8+ -26.Ke3-f4 Bb8-a7+ -27.Kf2-e3 Rd1-d2+ -28.Ke1-f2 Rd2-d1+ -29.Kf4xP(B)e4 Ba7-b8+ -30.Ke3-f4 Bb8-a7+ -31.Kf2-e3 Rd1-d2+ -32.Ke1-f2 Rd2-d1+ -33.Kf7×Qe8(+wKe1) ~+ -34.Ke6-f7 & 1.Kd7#