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Original Fairy problems
01.01.2022 - 30.06.2022

No. 1703 Ben Smolkin
original - 10.04.2022

white Kb2 Pg5 black Pb3b4g6 Ka4 Bf3
h=8.5                       2+5

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Sebastien LUCE
Sebastien LUCE
April 11, 2022 19:03

Interesting problem, but in my opinion,
orthodox h#n (with orthodox pieces and without fairy condition(s)), h=n, h==n, even hs#n, hs=n, hs==n are different parts of the same group : ORTHODOX HELP GENRE

The only explanation I see why h=n is actually considered as fairy is because the mate is the goal in a chess game (with antagonistic play ! )

But it is a little ridiculous when you see the position of an orthodox helpmate, it has very few chances to appear in a chess game.