Eric Huber

Original Fairy problems
01.01.2022 - 30.06.2022

Definitions / Определения

No. 1717 Eric Huber
original - 20.06.2022

black Ke1 Pc2 white Pg2h7d7c7 Kb8
hs#3            b) Ke1->f1            5+2
Anti-Circe (Cheylan)

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seetharaman kalyan
seetharaman kalyan
June 21, 2022 19:10

Very interesting. But it is a little confusing. I thought Ra1 was pinned by Rh1 and hence no mate (after Kf2 in the first solution)

Last edited 11 days ago by Seetharaman
Nikola Predrag
Nikola Predrag
June 22, 2022 03:24

What is the difference between the pin after 3.Rh1 and the apparently similar pin 4.Rh1-f1 (after 3…Kf2+)?

seetharaman kalyan
seetharaman kalyan
June 22, 2022 19:56
Reply to  Nikola Predrag


Last edited 10 days ago by Seetharaman
Joost de Heer
Joost de Heer
June 23, 2022 14:28
Reply to  Nikola Predrag

4. Rf1? is not legal because of Rxf1[a8]-c8

Nikola Predrag
Nikola Predrag
June 23, 2022 16:13
Reply to  Joost de Heer

Oh indeed, thanks Joost. So, that’s why the pin by 3.Rh8-e8 isn’t good, since a pin by 4.Re2/f8 would legally parry the check by 3…Kf2.
Still, the rules should mention explicitly the different effects of the standard ‘one-move’ check (as per chess rules) and of the ‘two-legal-moves-in-a-row’ check.