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Original Problems (14)

Original Problems (page 14)

I’ll publish some of my problems here and I’d be happy to receive yours! Diagrams, comments, new ideas, anything to discuss – are very appreciated!

The site is mostly about fairies, but h# and s# are also welcome! Please send your problems to my e-mail: julia@juliasfairies.com

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I’ve prepared a little presentation for this page:

Three Variations of One Theme


Chameleon piece is one of my favorite pieces. Also,  this is the first fairy piece I’ve ever used. So, after previous compositions showing Dentist theme with Locusts, I’ve decided to try my lovely Chameleons for it.  

Starting to compose one idea, I’ve got to see some other variations of it. Of course, I don’t think that these 3 variations I’m presenting now are the only possible. But for my abilities it’s already quite enough! 🙂 Other possible variations to add are very welcome from you! 

I couldn’t tell myself which one I like more or which one is better from my problems below. I like to see all of them together,  so I’m presenting them to you this way! 

No.36, 37, 38 – by Julia Vysotska. А variation of Bi-color Bristol-theme in combination with Dentist-motives and Umnov. The variations of Bristol-clearances: No.36 – White-Black; No.37 – Black-White; No.38 – White-Black in set-play, then Black-White in real solution. About Dentist-theme: it looks like a non-standard form here and I’m not sure how this mechanism is to be named. Probably – Pseudo-Dentist? I’d appreciate your views about this theoretical & terminological question and also your comments about the problems below! Thank you in advance!


No.36 Julia Vysotska
hs#3              b) pb7->d5            (6+6)
White Chameleons: Bb4,Qd4
Black Chameleon Bc5
a) 1.cQe3=cS cBd4=cR 2.cBe7=cR + Kg8 3.cSd5=cB + cRxd5=cQ #
b) 1.cQf2=cS cBe3=cR 2.cBf8=cR + Ke6 3.cSh3=cB + cRxh3=cQ #
Bristol, Dentist, Umnov (Author)

No.37 Julia Vysotska 
hs#3              b) ph6->h7            (6+4)
White Chameleons: Se4,Qg2
Black Chameleons Bf3
a) 1.cSg3=cB cBfe4=cR 2.cQf3=cS Kf6 3.cSh4=cB + cRxh4=cQ #
b) 1.cSc3=cB cBd5=cR 2.cQe4=cS Kf8 3.cSd6=cB + cRxd6=cQ #
Bristol, Dentist, Umnov (Author)

No.38 Julia Vysotska 
hs#2,5*                                       (6+6)
White Chameleon Qe3
Black Chameleon Bd4
Set-play: 1… … 2.cQf2=cS cBe3=cR 3.cSd3=cB + cRxd3=cQ #
Real play: 1…cBc5=cR 2.cQd4=cS Be4 3.cSb5=cB + cRxb5=cQ #
Bristol, Dentist, Umnov (Author)

The diagrams are made on WinChloe and its Echecs font is used for Logo design

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Zoran Janev
Zoran Janev
July 7, 2012 00:39

Chess composition is like art: there are not objective criteria for quality; so, it’s matter of an individual taste which chess problem is better.

Paz Einat
Paz Einat
July 7, 2012 09:35

To my taste the last version, No. 38, is the best. I mostly prefer set and actual play rendering of such ideas, and the movements in different directions is nice.

Diyan Kostadinov
July 9, 2012 10:11

I am agree with Zoran – it’s matter of an individual taste which chess problem is better. Actually I also prefere n38, but some composers can like the open of lines in n36 and n37 more…
By the way we have to note that the Dentist theme is in specific form here, because in initial position the wcQ is pinned by the black cB which after that unpins the white piece. Nice effect.
And something more – in n38 (as in first solutions of n36 and n37) – there is no Bristol theme, because the front thematic piece do not make critical move. But this is not so important for these problems…

July 9, 2012 16:06

Nice problems all three. I too would prefer 38 for its opposite side moves. As Diyan rightly pointed out, no bristol here, but only follow my leaders. Interesting variation of Dentist theme, the pinning piece itself making an interference unpin !

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