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Original Problems (72)

Original Problems (page 72)

Original fairy problems published during 2012 will participate in the informal tourney JF-2012

The site is mostly about fairies, but h# and s# are also welcomed for publication! Please send your problems to my e-mail: julia@juliasfairies.com

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This time I have a pleasure to show you a joint problem by two Hungarian authors – 

János Mikitovics & András Tóth!

I’m happy to welcome a new author on the site – András Tóth ! Let me introduce András with his own words: “a Hungarian (living in Australia) over the board International Master and an amateur composer”

No.131 – h#2,5 –  Creation of white indirect anti-batteries R/G. (JV)


Grasshopper(G): Moves along Q-lines over another unit of either color to the square immediately beyond that unit. A capture may be made on arrival, but the hurdle is not affected.

Rookhopper: As Grasshopper, but moves on Rook lines only.

You can сlick on “Solutions” to show or hide the solutions!


No.131 János Mikitovics & András Tóth
Hungary – Australia
original – 24.09.2012
h#2,5            2 solutions             (6+9)
Grasshopper Gd2
Rookhopper RHf8
Solution: (click to show/hide)

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