The AWARD – JF-2013/I – English version ready!

The AWARD – JF-2013/I – English version ready!

Preliminary Award JF-2013-I

English version
of the AWARD JF-2013/I
is ready!


I’m happy to announce that English version of the Award for Julia’sFairies-2013/I is ready! I’m so much grateful to Geoff Foster who’s worked together with me under this translation, has helped me to understand many problems and comments better and to make the result so close to original text. I have to tell also, that with all the work we still appreciated all detailed comments a lot and were thankful for them to the judge! I believe that many of you, who will read the Award, will understand some of the problems much better.

The Award is preliminary now and will become final after two weeks, on the 17th of July. The final version will be corrected in accordance with comments and objections you send.

One more time my congratulations to the winners and thanks a lot to all participants!

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