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The AWARD of Julia’s Fairies Marine TT 2013, Section Ser

sirens-song-SIThe AWARD of Julia’s Fairies Marine TT – 2013

3. Series H# (H=, H==, all types of Pser and Phser problems) in N moves

Participants: Karol Mlynka (Slovakia), Antonio Garofalo (Italy), Andreas Thoma (Germany), Sven Trommler (Germany), Daniel Novomesky (Slovakia).

Although having a “chamber participation” of only 7 problems, I was glad to select 4 good works, confirming the beauty of Marine ideas in the Ser-# genre as well.



Sven Trommler
Julia’s Fairies Marine TT 2013
Section Series

prize-marine-tt2013-serser-h#5    2 solutions   (6+6)
Nereid h8 ; Tritons: e1, e8
Sven Trommler
Julia’s Fairies Marine TT 2013
Section Series

Honorable Mention
hm-marine-tt2013-serser-h#6   b) bBg8→f8   (5+7)
Nereid b5 ; Triton f5

Prize: Sven Trommler (Germany) – A beautiful Meredith-problem! Annihilation of the white pawns f6/e4 is realized in a very interesting way – with distant blocks of the squares g7/e3, but after that also with blocks of squares g5/f4 respectively. The black King vacates square е5 for its TR and ND. A new annihilation – this time of the black TRe5/NDe5, occurs on the mating moves! I believe it’s possible to tell that we have a special form of “Novotny” with sacrifices of the black TR/ND on square е5!

I. 1.TRe1-e3 2.Ke5×e4 3.NDh8×f6-e5 4.TRe3-f3 5.TRf3-f4 NDd4×e5-f6 #;
II. 1.NDh8-g7 2.Ke5×f6 3.TRe1×e4-e5 4.NDg7-h6 5.NDh6-g5 TRe8×e5-e4 #

Honorable Mention: Sven Trommler (Germany) – Three black blocks are needed for a mate. They are realized by two Rooks and the black Bishop on g8/f8 in combination with the dismantling of the black battery on the 8th rank. A very pleasant synthesis!

a) 1.Rh1-e1 2.Re1-e2 3.Ke3-d3 4.Re8-e3 5.Bg8-b3 6.Bb3-c2 TRf5-d5 #;
b) 1.Rh1-f1 2.Rf1-f2 3.Ke3×f3 4.Re8-e2 5.Bf8-c5 6.Bc5-e3 NDb5-c6 #

Andreas Thoma
Julia’s Fairies Marine TT 2013
Section Series

1comm-marine-tt2013-serser-d=16                        (2+6)
Siren g7
Karol Mlynka
Julia’s Fairies Marine TT 2013
Section Series

2comm-marine-tt2013-serser-h=3    2 solutions   (2+4)
Siren d5

Commendation: Andreas Thoma (Germany) – A long march of the white King with the aim of a double Annihilation – SIg7, Rh8. After the pawn’s promotion to Siren there follows a pleasant stalemate – (SIa1) with a pin of the black Knight.

1.Ka6-b5 2.Kb5-c4 3.Kc4-d3 4.Kd3-e2 5.Ke2-f1 6.Kf1-g1 7.Kg1-h2 8.Kh2-h3 9.Kh3-h4 10.Kh4-h5 11.Kh5-h6 12.Kh6×g7 13.Kg7×h8 14.Kh8-g8 15.h7-h8=SI 16.SIh8-a1 =

Commendation: Karol Mlynka (Slovakia) – A light but pleasant idea – pins of the black pieces, which are produced by promoted pawns and also block the black pawns.

I. 1.f1R 2.Rg1 3.Kf1 SI×d2-d1= ; II. .f1B 2.Be2 3.Bd1 SI×g2-h1=.


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