WFCC sanctions & JF’s originals

WFCC sanctions & JF’s originals

WFCC sanctions in reaction to hostilities in Ukraine are based on the voting result you can see on the official website. I’m glad about some of our decisions, I regret about the voting result related to 11.WCCT. And I’m very much disappointed about the ignorant behavior of some delegates who never appeared on any WFCC meeting and didn’t trouble themselves with the voting. I apologize to all composers who had trust in our organization. Please, stay patient, stay healthy, and I will try to keep JF out of politics, as a fairy garden where fairy composers are always glad to meet each other and to share their creativity.

My kid is 8. She was a troublesome student because she couldn’t stay concentrated for longer than five minutes and was not interested in studying at all. I didn’t want to medicate her, but after long considerations and consultations, I started giving her Adderall. The situation at school changed completely. She is now motivated and tries to do her best.

JF will continue to publish original problems by individuals from any countries. Our creativity, good will, positive emotions, support to each each other are needed to keep the peace where we can, to calm our minds and to warm our hearts.

This month JF celebrates its 10 years jubilee. Please, join me with the smile!

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April 7, 2022 17:46

Lady Julia Vysotska is making reference mainly to the options offered in the fourth point of the votation, at the meeting of the World Federation for Chess Composition. One of the options was described exactly in the following terms:
“Russia/Belarus nationals are not allowed at all to participate in the 11th WCCT. Compositions of RUS/BLR nationals are not listed in the results booklet at all and no team result is applicable”.
That option received twelve votes in the first round of the votation, out of thirty national delegates registered for voting. That one and another attained relative majority, but not absolute majority, thus they were passed to the second round.
It received sixteen votes in the second round, majority, so it was decided that individuals holding the nationality of Russia or of Belarus are NOT allowed to participate in the eleventh edition of the World Chess Composition Tournament.
All the other points of the votation received absolute majority in the first round. The decisions taken in them were less restrictive towards composers, solvers, judges, organisers, publishers, or other persons active in Our Noble Game, but who happen to hold nationality of Russia or Belarus, or to be located in territory internationally recognised as part of those two nations, depending on the case.
It is sad that worthy persons be punished with exclusion, due to the rash actions perpetrated by governments of nations where they reside, or of which they have a passport. The decisions of the World Federation for Chess Composition are in line, partly, with those of the International Olympic Committee and of most other international organisations that regulate various sports worldwide, but as Lady Julia Vysotska has declared, it is regrettable to have arrived to these extremes.
She was the national delegate representing Latvia, and it is obvious that she did what she could for convincing other delegates to avoid punishing the innocent. But to no avail. For whatever reasons, most other delegates decided what they decided, and some lovers of Chess are now paying the price with their isolation.
I have little personal contact with Chess-related persons residing in Belarus or holding that nationality, only occasional contact (such as in a recent tournament of Fairy Chess by Internet), but with some persons of Russia, or living in Russia, I have frequent contact. With one I have commented the situation in Ukraine, and I can affirm that he STRONGLY opposes the actions of the Russian Government, dedicating unpublishable epithets to the ‘leader’ who rules that nation at present.
The dream of Monsieur Charles Pierre de Fredy, Baron de Coubertin, was having every four years a gigantic sports competition where any athlete could participate regardless of national disputes, as in Ancient Greece. More than a hundred years have passed since the First Modern Olympiad, but unfortunately the World is still far from reaching the dream that the Baron wished to reach. It may never be…

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