9th of June, 2013

News about WFCC website


By Harry Fougiaxis, President of the WFCC:

Dear colleagues,

In March Hannu Harkola informed the presidium that he would like to step down from the post of the webmaster after nearly 15 years of hard work with the site. Hannu started the site back in 1999, and we truly realised the immense effort he had invested on it when we had to migrate it to the new server!

Hannu, on behalf of our federation, I should like to express my warmest thanks!

We approached several candidates and we eventually decided that Julia Vysotska from Latvia will be the new webmaster. I guess you are familiar with her own site featuring a wealth of articles, originals, comments, short discussions and news on fairy chess (and not only…)

Julia started the migration in early May and, as it usually happens, various technical issues had to be resolved. She was always eager to sort them out by learning new things, installing a plugin, proposing some new layout, and so on. I have been working with her for only a month and it was a real delight. I am confident that she will keep working on the site with the same enthusiasm and devotion.

The new site is available at If your browser still points to the old site, clear your browsing history (or write in the address bar of your browser and hit Ctrl+Enter).

Warm regards,
Harry Fougiaxis
President of the WFCC

I’d like to tell thanks a lot to Harry Fougiaxis for so kind words! For me these about 1,5 months of work under WFCC website were full of new experiences, and the most great experience was a joint work we had. Harry himself put so much of efforts into the project, testing hundreds of pages, fixing broken links, correcting materials, creating working lists for me! Every day I felt I’m not alone here and it motivated and helped a lot!
I also was amazed by the amount of work done by Hannu Harkola! – about 500 web pages of information and so many of them with a huge tables! So many years Hannu took care of this site! 
I’m also thankful to Thomas Maeder, who was very helpful in the final steps of launching the site. It was about domain name, account for the site, setup of name servers etc. – the things I had known almost nothing about, but was finally taught!

For me the invitation to do this work is a great honor! I’ll try to do my best to  meet your expectations! Thank you! /Julia

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June 10, 2013 04:20

Nice of Julia to accept this. Great job in redesigning and moving to new server. The site looks very good.

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