WinChloe update – 06/2013

WinChloe update – 06/2013

WinChloe 3.24 – June’s update!

A new version of WinChloe solving program is just released – WinChloe 3.24 is available from the 8th of June, 2013! Features added or corrected:

3.24 (juin 13)

The link “Help guide for English users (by Reb Orrell)” is active again,
Reb having transfered the files to a new site:

New conditions programmed:
Réflexe puis Minimum noir
Réflexe puis Minimum blanc
Circé maléfique clône
Growing men blanc
Growing men noir
Promotions en Caméléon autorisées

Myself I’d like to comment 2 conditions:

  • Retour – this is a “Back-home” condition described by its inventor, Nicolas Dupont, in just published article The “back-home” fairy condition – Nicolas Dupont;
  • Promotions en Caméléon autorisées – “Promotion to chameleon allowed” – this condition was used in a joint problem No.326 by Michel Caillaud & Julia Vysotska. The problem was shown as C-, but now it can be changed to C+!

As always its a pleasure for me to say “Thank you very much!” to Christian Poisson for his work!

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