13th Tzuica Tourney – 58th WCCC

wfcc-logo-transparent13th Tzuica TourneyLogo_58WCCC_Ostroda 2015

Theme: Helpselfmates with pin mates.

Judges: Vlaicu Crisan & Eric Huber

Deadline: Submit your entries (diagram + full solution)

  • to Eric Huber by e-mail hubereric@yahoo.fr until August 2nd;
  • during the Congress to Dinu-Ioan Nicula until Wednesday, August 5th at 20:00

Details & example problems: in PDF document

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One Response to 13th Tzuica Tourney – 58th WCCC

  1. Eric HuberEric Huber says:

    I would like to draw the attention of participants on the strict definition of “pin mate” that was given in the announcement.

    “Pin mate in helpselfmate: a white piece is pinned during the solution and the pin is needed for the mate.”

    This means that pins already existing in the diagram position are not considered thematical in this tourney.

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